Litchfield Park, AZ Real Estate

Litchfield Park (Click here for Litchfield Park, AZ real estate listings) Good things come in small packages they say. Very true while referencing Arizona’s small town of Litchfield Park, fifteen miles west of Phoenix Metropolitan area. Litchfield Park was recently voted “one of Eight Best Places to live in Arizona,” by Phoenix Magazine.

The population of Litchfield Park is only 5,476 in 2010, but the median age is 44.2, the median income is $94,000 and the median home value is well over $300,000 making it well above the Arizona averages. It is a quaint town, with plenty of history and ambiance, and a great place to find Arts and Crafts festivals and outdoor concerts.

The city is located on about three square miles of dry land near the Estrella Mountains. Settled in 1916, due to Paul Weeks Litchfield, an executive with Goodyear Rubber and Tire Company searching Arizona for land to grow much needed cotton. The East coast’s cotton supply had been ruined by pests and the war had lessened the crop input from Africa, and Goodyear was desperate. Buying up 36,000 acres of land, of which 5,000 acres included what is now Litchfield Park, the Southwest Cotton Company was formed.

In trying to create homes for 90,000 residents, Litchfield made many errors in zoning and planning, so much of the original land was sold off, leaving Litchfield Park today, a small, exclusive community. A recent renovation of the town has returned to architecture of tradition and history, and what some people refer to as a town that is an “oasis in the middle of the desert!”

The major employer in town and a part of the history and traditions, is the WigWam Resort. Established in 1918 to accommodate guest housing for the Goodyear Rubber Company executives and families who settled here, it became a public resort in 1929. Renovations to the resort have made it modern, comfortable, and up to date, while holding on to the ambiance of yesteryear.

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