How to Sell Your Peoria, AZ Home Faster?

So you’re planning to sell your home in Peoria, AZ? Below are a few general guidelines that will help get your home ready to show. These tips will give potential buyers the best impression of your home and will show that it is clean, neat, uncluttered, in good repair, and quiet.

Clean Everything. Cleanliness signal to a buyer that the home has been well cared for and is most likely in good repair. A messy or dirty home will cause prospective buyers to notice every flaw.

Unclutter Your HomeHave a garage sale. Empty closets. Throw away  or donate what you can’t sell. The less “stuff” in and around a home, the roomier it will seem.

Let the Light InRaise the shades. Open the blinds. Pull back the curtains. Put brighter bulbs in all the lamps (but not bright enough to cause a glare). Bright, open rooms feel larger and more inviting. Dark rooms feel small and gloomy.

Let Fresh Air InGet rid of odors that may be unfamiliar or unpleasant. People are most often offended by odors from tobacco, pets, cooking, and musty or sour laundry. Fresh flowers and potpourri can be used to your advantage. Other smells that attract positive attention included fresh baked bread and cinnamon.

Send Pets Away or secure them away from the house when prospective buyers are coming. You never know if people will be annoyed or intimidated by your pets or even allergic to them.

PaintThere’s nothing that improves the value of a home for a lower cost than a fresh coat of paint. And it’s often easier to paint a room than it is to scrub it. Stick with neutral colors – off-white is the safest.

Keep Noise DownSilence is a restful sound that offends no one. Turn off the TV and radio. Soft instrumental music is great. If necessary, close the windows to eliminate any street noise.

I hope you find these tips useful and when you’re ready to sell your Peoria, AZ home, I would love the opportunity to help. Give me a call or send me an email to discuss your options.